Dropshipping: Easy guide dummies

Basically, there are three popular approaches in e-commerce for people who want to start selling through their own online store.

Du kan köpa, lagra och sälja dina produkter, vilket är den vanligaste formen av distanshandel. Eller så kan du erbjuda din egen tjänst eller produkt.
Det tredje sättet, dropshipping, är för närvarande den snabbast växande affärsmodellen i Sverige och i Världen.
Dropshipping innebär att du själv är ansvarig för marknadsföring och försäljning av leverantörens produkter i din webbutik. broddar reflexsele

Dropshipping: En svensk guide

When an item is sold, the order is sent directly from your supplier, who is responsible for delivering the product to your customer. For each product sold, you keep a portion of the profit.
Sweden has strangely lagged behind with dropshipping as a business model within distance trade. For example, in the US and China, dropshipping is very common.
One of the reasons why Sweden has not driven the growth of dropshipping can be explained by the fact that previously there were not enough suppliers who offered dropshipping as a sustainable sales model.

Detta förändras dock drastiskt.
Dropshipping är inget nytt koncept, men svensk e-handel genomgår just nu en stora förändringar. Dropshipping är inte bara en affärsmodell som vinner popularitet i den svenska e-handelsvärlden.

How does dropshipping work?

  1. Find a supplier you can work with. If you already have a large sales volume, you can in some cases contact the supplier yourself to start a collaboration. However, the most common way is to use a supplier platform that already has several suppliers connected for dropshipping. (See below)
  2. In your online store, you market and sell the products you have chosen. (Customers do not understand that products are not "your own".) You decide the price yourself.
  3. When a customer places an order in your online store, the order goes to your supplier who takes care of the delivery.
  4. Delivery and generally complaints and assistance are handled by your supplier.
  5. You keep part of the value of the order or commission on goods sold.

How do you find wholesalers and suppliers to Sweden?

One of the reasons why dropshipping occurs to a relatively small extent in Sweden is that very few suppliers can offer good delivery conditions to the Swedish market.
Today, however, there are several good supplier platforms to use that provide good conditions for the Nordic market.

  • Sourcinbox <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Cjdropshipping <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Zendrop <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Banggood <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Alidropship <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Printify (Dropshipping kläder) <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Printful <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu
  • Amazon.se <--- Klicka och skapa ett gratiskonto redan nu