The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may seem difficult to explain, but the reality is that it is not that complicated. Here we look at the most basic of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, is a performance-based form where you get paid to recommend services or products for companies.
So, for those of you who want to become an affiliate, here is the answer to the age old question “what is affiliate marketing?”.
Affiliate marketing works on the same principle no matter where you are because it is based on a simple concept: affiliate marketing.
Grunderna i Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are often referred to as advertisers or publishers and are the basis of the method by which advertisers distribute their content, e.g. blogs, coupon sites, cashback, email, Social Media and basically all other types of traffic.


The advertiser then pays for the placement of their content, whether it is editorial content or incentive-based content such as discount codes or cashbacks by paying commissions to publishers for each click or sale generated by the publisher.
Affiliate marketing thus offers publishers to get paid for a predetermined action, in the vast majority of cases a sale. Different affiliate programs (advertising programs) offer different percentages of the sales value as compensation for the publicist's contribution to a sale.

Affiliate network

Affiliate Networks exist to be a resource for both advertisers' affiliate programs and all affiliates. Affiliate Networks provides the tracking technology needed to ensure that all affiliate sales are tracked and accounted for accurately. The affiliate networks also handle all payments from advertiser to publisher. They all often also offer training to potential affiliates and help you to hitta rätt affiliateprogram för dig och din verksamhet.
This ecosystem aims to create a platform for responsible cooperation between advertisers and affiliate marketers. Are you interested in becoming an affiliate? Join our newsletter and you will receive all the information you need to get started with Affiliate marketing.
Adrecord is a network I recommend but you need to have a website or have over 7000+ followers on one of your social media.
Du kan köpa följare här men det är inget jag rekommenderar någon att göra.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing

Fördelar med affiliate marketing
  • 1. Requires no prior knowledge.
  • 2. It's cheap.
  • 3. Less responsibility.
  • 4. Earn money anywhere, 24/7.
  • 5. Work wherever you want.
  • 6. Easy to work with affiliate marketing in Sweden.

Disadvantages of Affiliate marketing

Fördelar med affiliate marketing
  • 1. Challenging if you don't follow our tips
  • 2. Getting results can take months
  • 3. Invest in yourself

Affiliate Programs You Can Join

Before you apply to any of these below, you need to own one website that get some traffic or have social media such as Tiktok,instagram,youtube eller facebook and then you need more 6000+ följare

Affiliate marketing funnel strategy

A marketing funnel is an automated process to attract visitors, convert them into potential customers, follow them with relevant documentation and based on the behavior of potential customers, who are qualified to become customers. potential customers are ready to sell.
It's basically content marketing, but it boils down to a process that automates your marketing.
It also gives you a systematic way to test, find and optimize content.

The entire marketing funnel is about a specific topic. But the further you go to the left, the more customer-focused it becomes (meaning it deals with customer issues). And the further you go to the right, the more focused that solution becomes (meaning it relates to your solutions).
The left side captures interest. Social posts (especially sponsored ones that you can target) attract active interest. Blog posts generate interest in a reactive way because they focus on relevant issues that your target audience faces and therefore searches for.

affiliate marketing funnel
bästa affiliate marketing funnel